Queen of Wands

Introduction: The Queen of Wands is one of the most fertile (metaphorically and literally) and feminine/womanly energies in the Tarot deck. In a reading, like all court cards, she can often signify a literal person in our lives, most often female, and most often with hair tending toward the lighter shades in the spectrum. The Queen brings good energy, and is a positive sign to receive.

General: The Queen of Wands can also refer to a woman who has a lot of fire energy about her e.g. Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. When not referring to a literal person, she stands for getting a lot accomplished, and often, a focus on work/career. The Queen is positive, uplifting energy. When she stands in for a woman in your life, she’s a good friend, who is solidly on your side, even though she may seem a bit self-absorbed. If you are trying to conceive and this card appears, it’s one of the most positive signs that there can be.

Work: When the Queen of Wands appears in a reading about work, you are going to get a great deal accomplished successfully in a short period of time – this is a very positive omen. If you are looking for work, this Queen can mean that a woman (usually with light-colored hair) will be instrumental in helping you find employment. All in all, things will be looking up professionally.

Love: Again, this Queen is a very positive omen in the context of love relationships. If you are looking for love, this can mean that you’ll meet someone suitable through a light haired friend or acquaintance. You aren’t in the mood to be on your own now. Get out, mingle, trust yourself and the universe to bring you the love and support you want and need.

Finances: You may be tempted to get carried away buying things when this Queen appears – exercise moderation or you may come to regret your expenditures. This doesn’t mean money will be bad, it just means that you are not in the mood to think before spending. Your home surroundings are a good place to put your efforts now. But home improvement doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Be creative.

Health: In general the Queen of Wands is a very positive sign of health. Your energy level and vitality should be good, and again, if pregnancy is a possibility for you, whether you’re ready or not, the Queen says that you could very well conceive soon. So if you are not in the market, take the appropriate precautions, and then some. You are likely to be at least a little keyed up when the Queen appears; make time for rest and relaxation, no matter what.

Spirituality: You are suddenly likely to be spiritually hungry when the Queen of Wands appears. There’s nothing wrong with that, but don’t get carried away thinking you’ve suddenly found “THE” total answer you’ve been looking for your entire life and sell everything you own, for example, to join a spiritual group in another country. Take your time, read and reflect, talk to lots of people, before making huge life changes. Your exploration is admirable. Crossing over into huge life-changing decisions without full consideration might not be as healthy.



Queen of Wands reversed

Introduction: The Queen of Wands reversed can indicate a woman who is very helpful and kind. She may be you, or she may stand in for a woman in your life who is older than you, has hair on the lighter end of the spectrum, and who is considered to be a very supportive, giving person. The Queen of Wands, reversed or upright, represents fertility in all its forms.

General: In general, the Queen of Wands reversed can indicate that there may soon be a need for you to help out others who are having a problem of some kind. It could also be that an older woman would like to help you with a situation that you are facing, but for some reason she is unable to do so. Still, her moral support will be helpful. If you are facing a difficult situation, reach out.

Work: When the reversed Queen of Wands appears in a reading about work, there may shortly be frustrating obstacles and delays that you will be up against. It’s important to not take these personally; just work through them one moment at a time. There may be an older, light haired woman in the workplace (or who is in the position of hiring, if you are looking for work) who is throwing up obstacles. Don’t get frustrated about it, just show her the rational reasons why she needs to do things your way (or hire you.) Do this and you could be more successful than you imagine.

Love: With regard to love, an older, light-haired woman could be involved indirectly in your relationship. If she is your “mother in law,” do your best to make her an ally, regardless of how you feel about her. If you are looking for love, you could well meet a very interesting potential partner through an older woman. Let the women in your life know if you are looking to meet someone new.

Finances: As with the upright meaning, the reversed Queen of Wands can carry a tendency to overdo it with regards to expenditures. There’s a reason why people say “money can’t buy happiness.” At the same time, there’s no need for you to go to the other extreme and refuse to spend any money whatsoever, or nickel and dime everything and everyone. Moderation is the key to use your finances well and to let them enrich your life and the lives of others.

Health: The Queen of Wands reversed generally refers to strong basic health and a positive basic underlying health status. If you are not feeling well, a female health care practitioner may have very important and helpful advice for you. The Queen of Wands is generally linked to fertility; however if you draw this card in the context of having been trying to conceive a child without success, it shows that you should not give up but that the time may have come to seek outside counsel, as in seeing your doctor and discussing your concerns and efforts. Try to relax.

Spirituality: A convincing, and perhaps domineering, older woman may try to convince you that she has all or many of the answers when it comes to spirituality. You may need to draw boundaries with her several times, in order to not be pulled into something that works for her but which you have no interest in. She may be angry or hurt as a result, but remember that no one has the right to tell you how to live your spiritual life. It’s important to think and experience for yourself.

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