Hexagram 3

The meanings in plain (well almost) English


Gather your strength. Take new directions and push forward. Your beginning might be challenging, but with cautious movement and thought your goals will be reached.

Line One of This Hexagram is a 9:

Stay focused on your goals. Move forward with your plans. Seek the help of others. Distribute responsibilities and you will overcome all obstacles.

Line Two of This Hexagram is a 6:

Be cautious of what enterprises you enter. Now may not be the time for you to make a move.

Line Three of This Hexagram is a 6:

It may be unwise to move without guidance at this time. Be careful not to lose your way.

Line Four of This Hexagram is a 6:

Partnerships will bring good fortune. Accept the sound offers that come your way.

Line Five of This Hexagram is a 9:

Take small steps toward your goals. Giant leaps may prove disastrous.

Line Six of This Hexagram is a 6:

Don?t allow failures to halt your progress. Focus your energies on that which is good.

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