Consulting the I Ching

Take 3 matching coins and throw the coins 6 times, only start to draw your hexagram after you have thrown the coins for the first time.  When you are throwing the coins concentrate on the question you want answered. After each of your 6 throws record the resulting lines on a piece of paper and this will give you your hexagram, starting with the first line at the bottom this is line 1 or at the begining as it is refered to. If you should throw 3 coins the same then mark this line as a line of significance and then when you have completed 6 throws draw another hexagram changing each line of significance to its opposite line (e.g. a broken line would become a straight line and visa versa). Also each line of significance in the first hexagram has something special to say to you so find these meanings under Lines on the hexagram pages.

To make life a little simpler we have set up a random throw of 3 Chinese coins in the sidebar ( or if viewing this website on your phone then at the bottom of the page ). Throw the coins 6 times and record the results as instructed below. You throw the coins by clicking the refresh page arrow above.

Then record the result as seen in the sidebar


2 heads and 1 tail = 7 a firm line that does not change
2 tails and 1 head = 8 a broken line that does not change

3 heads = 6 = a broken line which changes to a firm line in the second hexagram
3 tails = 9 = a firm line which changes to a broken line in the second hexagram
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